Tag: maritime safety

Tag: maritime safety

Improving Safety Culture and Training: Lessons Learned

Aug 10, 2016 Murray Goldberg 1 Blog , Introduction This is a continuation of a blog post written last year on what maritime organizations can do to improve training and organizational culture without having a large budget to devote to the task.  I used as an example a small organization of 100 employees which felt as though their training program [...] READ MORE

Maritime Safety Culture: An Interview with Captain John Wright

Mar 9, 2016 Murray Goldberg 8 Blog , , Introduction This is the second in a series of articles on Safety Culture in the maritime industry. As mentioned in the first article, "Safety Culture" is one of those terms that is used a lot in the maritime industry. But how many of us can define it, and how do we know if [...] READ MORE

Maritime Safety Culture: What is it and How to Improve It?

Feb 25, 2016 Murray Goldberg 0 Blog , , Introduction "Safety Culture" is a term that is often used in the maritime industry. Every operator wants a "good" safety culture, and everyone agrees that it's an important topic. But how do you define a "good" safety culture? How do you know if your organization has it? How do you [...] READ MORE

Improving Maritime Safety on a Budget

Sep 24, 2015 Murray Goldberg 3 Blog , The following post was originally written by Murray Goldberg for Maritime Professional as a part of a series of articles called The Human Element on a Budget. To celebrate World Maritime Day's theme of education and training, we are re-posting the article here to help give vessel operators more ideas on how to improve their training. [...] READ MORE
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