Safety is vital for your company. Support it with the most effective training possible.

A system designed for the land can not effectively go out to sea. Maritime organizations have completely different needs compared to those in a corporate or educational environment. A typical “land-based” learning management system (LMS) may not be able to provide the functionality that a company operating out on the ocean needs.
MarineLMS was designed to solve these issues, in a way that helps you increase training effectiveness and ultimately improve the safety and performance of your vessels.

MarineLMS - Web Based Learning


Engage your crew by giving them the ability to train at their convenience.

MarineLMS is accessed online, allowing your crew to train anytime and anywhere at their convenience, whether they’re at home or on board. With the freedom to train wherever they want, your crew can engage better with content and the overhead costs associated with in-person training is reduced. Give trainees, trainers and administrators 24/7 access to the materials and support they need.

And with all learning and administrative materials stored in a secure, central server, document management is significantly simpler.

MarineLMS - Assessments


Gain deep insights on what your employees know and can do.

MarineLMS enables objective and rigorous testing methods which can be used in conjunction with, or as a replacement for, your existing assessment procedures.

When a user starts a new exam, questions are dynamically taken from a central bank. MarineLMS ensures that each exam instance is unique and covers the topics required.

The evaluations feature support trainers and examiners with in-person assessment of skills and tasks. Easily manage compliance and ensure that your crew is prepared for any situation.

MarineLMS - Reports and Anaytics


Support global oversight and enable continuous improvement.

Understand what trainees are spending time on or having difficulty with. Spot organizational trends indicating weak areas to be improved upon before an accident.

We give you the tools and reports needed to easily manage training needs and make the correct decisions. Identify and close gaps in crew knowledge – ensuring safe operations and continued excellent performance.


Leverage the best content, no matter where it comes from.

MarineLMS is content agnostic – you are not tied to a single company’s materials. Pick and choose learning materials from different content providers depending on what works best for your organization’s training needs. Mix in your own company-specific courses to create an optimal blend of training materials for your crew. And deliver it all through our intuitive and simple-to-use learning management system.

MarineLMS - Complimentary Content


Health and Safety courses to help you get started.

Marine Learning Systems offers a set of basic Health and Safety courses to customers at no additional charge. Adapted from reference materials developed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), these courses are generic to the maritime community. They can be further modified in any way to be more specific to an individual operator.

A sample of course titles includes: Bloodborne Pathogens, Confined Space Awareness, Electrical Safety, Flammable Liquids, Personal Protective Equipment, and more.

See how MarineLMS can help you transform your training.

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