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We are here to be your expert eLearning resource.

From eLearning consulting services to instructional design advice, we are here to help you deliver the most advanced and effective training possible. We will help guide you through the entire implementation and growth process: from assessing your needs and avoiding common implementation pitfalls to deploying and maintaining the system.
We have over 20 years of experience building solutions that align to a broad range of environments and optimize learning outcomes. Our cloud-based solution is highly configurable and can be adjusted to fit seamlessly into your environment. We recognize that each of our customers is unique, and our role is to ensure that the provided solution truly meets your needs.

Customer Onboarding

Most of our customers are able to quickly go live with MarineLMS after some basic configuration and testing. Others require a longer engagement in order to fit our solution comfortably into their complex and dynamic environments. Whatever your requirements, Marine Learning Systems will be committed to working through these details with you and ensuring that your eLearning solution is of the highest quality possible.

Iterative Process

Iterative Implementation Process

Even before you commit to a MarineLMS solution, we will deliver system mock-ups with the same look-and-feel as your other IT solutions. When we demonstrate these mock-ups, we will ask for your feedback and refine the offering until you are presented with a real working prototype.

You might want us to refine several times – please do! You could not possibly know what you want the final product to look like without going through this process.

By iterating through this process with us, you will gain an understanding of how our solution works and how it can flex for your needs. We recommend including your training leaders in this process to ensure that they are comfortable with the system; this also helps us to deliver the best possible solution for your needs.

Safety is paramount. Discover how you can transform your training.

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