Tag: Student-Centered Training

Tag: Student-Centered Training

The “Flipped Classroom” and Maritime Training

Dec 7, 2017 Murray Goldberg 0 Blog , Introduction Every once in a while a new idea on how to improve learning makes the rounds in education circles. Although these ideas are not typically born of the maritime industry, they almost all have implications within it, and trainers should be on top of them. The subject of this [...] READ MORE

Using Adaptive Learning for Effective Vessel-Specific Training

Aug 31, 2017 Murray Goldberg 0 Blog , , , Photo above taken by US Navy Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Anna Van Nuys / CC BY 2.0 Introduction It is difficult and expensive to do vessel-specific training well. This may explain why, unlike certification training, vessel-specific training is rarely standardized and in many cases poorly implemented - often via job shadowing. But [...] READ MORE

Engage Trainees with Student-Centered Learning

Jun 1, 2016 Murray Goldberg 1 Blog , Introduction The term “student-centered learning” is one that many trainers may have not heard before. Yet it is an important training concept, and one that all maritime trainers should understand and consider. Student-centered learning is credited with improving trainee motivation, trainer-trainee relationships, and increasing the trainee’s own responsibility for their training. Many [...] READ MORE
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