Tag: Training Content

Tag: Training Content

Examples of Serious Games for Maritime Training

Apr 20, 2017 Murray Goldberg 3 Blog , , Introduction We are all, by now, aware of the use of eLearning in maritime training. Far fewer of us are aware of the use of electronic games (called “serious games” or “gamification”) as a training tool. Even fewer believe them to be a valuable tool in the trainer’s arsenal. But [...] READ MORE

Gamification in Maritime Training – Serious Training or Just Play?

Apr 5, 2017 Murray Goldberg 9 Blog , , This week's post continues the blog series on eLearning media choices. We will look at the use of games as an educational tool (also known as “serious gaming” or “gamification”) for the maritime industry. To recap, the first article looked at the use of text in maritime training content. The second article focused on the [...] READ MORE

How to Choose Media for More Effective eLearning

Mar 8, 2017 Murray Goldberg 0 Blog , , Since maritime training moved online, people have been arguing about the best choice of media. Is simulation better? Text? Video? What about online gaming? All of these can be very effective tools in maritime training. Each has its strengths and limitations, and the best choice is not always the most [...] READ MORE

Effective Ways of Combining Media for Training

Feb 15, 2017 Murray Goldberg 0 Blog , , Introduction One attribute that makes an eLearning implementation effective and efficient is the appropriate use of media. And by media, I am referring to the choice (and combination) of text, imagery, video, simulations and even gaming as ways of delivering learning content. But what media should we use and how [...] READ MORE

Using CBT in a Learning Management System

Nov 10, 2016 Murray Goldberg 1 Blog , , , Photo above taken by US Air Force Staff Sergeant Matt Davis / CC BY-SA 2.0 This short series of articles is about the use of Computer Based Training (CBT) and other eLearning content, and how that use is related to learning management systems. The implications go beyond the use of technology and provide a [...] READ MORE
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