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Support Training Excellence with Teaching Evaluations

Jul 12, 2017 Murray Goldberg 0 Blog , Introduction Teaching evaluations are a critical part of any training program. It benefits the trainer, the trainees and the organization as a whole. Yet surprisingly, although they are common, they are not universal! And even when they are done, they are often not used to their full advantage. The previous [...] READ MORE

Tips for Delivering Effective Teaching Evaluations

Jun 28, 2017 Murray Goldberg 0 Blog , Photo above taken by Mass Communications Specialist Seaman Charles Thomas Green Introduction Teaching evaluations are a highly important part of any training program: it benefits the trainer, the trainees and the organization. After all, if you don't measure it, you can't manage (or improve on) it. This is a continuation of [...] READ MORE

Tips for Writing Better Multiple Choice Questions

Jul 27, 2016 Murray Goldberg 25 Blog , , Introduction In the previous articles of this series (here and here)  I began a discussion on the use of multiple choice questions (MCQs) in maritime assessment. Although widely used, MCQ tests are also one of the most highly criticised. However, written carefully and used appropriately as one part of a multidimensional assessment program, MCQs [...] READ MORE

How to Motivate and Engage Your Trainees

Mar 23, 2016 Murray Goldberg 17 Blog , Introduction As trainers, we are all aware of the relationship between trainee motivation and training outcomes. When a trainee is deeply motivated to learn, he or she is more likely to do well than a trainee who is not. But not all types of motivation create an equal incentive to [...] READ MORE

4 Tips on How to Implement a Maritime Self-Study Program

Jul 28, 2015 Murray Goldberg 1 Blog , The following article highlights the actionable insights found in a blog post I wrote previously on Maritime Professional. Self-study is one of many ways to improve your in-house familiarization processes. There has been extensive research conducted that proves that a well implemented self-study program can improve training outcomes, reduce costs and [...] READ MORE
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