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Flipped Classroom and Maritime Training

The “Flipped Classroom” and Maritime Training

Dec 7, 2017 Murray Goldberg 0 Blog , Introduction Every once in a while a new idea on how to improve learning makes the rounds in education circles. Although these ideas are not typically born of the maritime industry, they almost all have implications within it, and trainers should be on top of them. The subject of this [...] READ MORE
Maritime Safety Culture and Broken Windows

Maritime Safety Culture and the Broken Windows Theory

Nov 23, 2017 Murray Goldberg 0 Blog , Introduction The human element as it relates to safety culture is both fascinating and important. Anyone involved in maritime safety needs to have a basic understanding of how human nature influences organizational safety attitudes and performance. This article looks at one important aspect which explains why it is difficult to [...] READ MORE
Does eLearning Work in the Maritime Industry

Does eLearning Work in the Maritime Sector?

Oct 25, 2017 Murray Goldberg 0 Blog , Knowledge is Power (and Progress) As a former academic, I have always been taught to look at any new information with a critical eye. Critical in the sense that it is important to question everything. However, once a question has been carefully analysed and a reliable answer has been found, [...] READ MORE
Using Adaptive Learning for Vessel-Specific Training

Using Adaptive Learning for Effective Vessel-Specific Training

Aug 31, 2017 Murray Goldberg 0 Blog , , , Photo above taken by US Navy Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Anna Van Nuys / CC BY 2.0 Introduction It is difficult and expensive to do vessel-specific training well. This may explain why, unlike certification training, vessel-specific training is rarely standardized and in many cases poorly implemented - often via job shadowing. But [...] READ MORE
The Cost of Simulator Training - Is it Worth It

The Cost of Simulator Training: Is it Worth it?

Aug 16, 2017 Murray Goldberg 1 Blog , Introduction For decades, simulation has been a part of maritime bridge and engine room training. But, as with many safety initiatives, its effect is somewhat difficult to quantify. We all know, intuitively and empirically, that simulator training has value. It extends a trainee’s experience in typical and atypical scenarios. And [...] READ MORE
Big Data and Maritime Training-01

“Big Data” and What It Will Mean for Maritime Training

Aug 3, 2017 Murray Goldberg 0 Blog , Introduction You've most likely heard of the term “Big Data” before. And if you haven't, you’ll likely be hearing more and more about it soon. Big data, although a relatively recent term, is already providing insights into all manner of human interaction. Insights which include how people learn and how [...] READ MORE
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