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Customer Interviews with Jeff Joyce

Jun 8, 2017 Marine Learning Systems 0 We sat down with Jeff Joyce, Director Terminal Engineering of BC Ferries (previously Director of Fleet Operations) to talk about his experience and insights into BC Ferries' move towards blended learning. We covered a range of topics: why BC Ferries switched to blended learning issues faced during the implementation phase the current [...] READ MORE

ELearning Implementations: Lessons Learned – Interferry 2016

Jun 8, 2017 Marine Learning Systems 0 A joint presentation with our CEO, Murray Goldberg and BC Ferries Director of Terminal Engineering, Jeff Joyce at the 41st Annual Interferry Conference in Manilla (October 2016). The presentation takes a quick look at the evidence behind eLearning and blended learning in a maritime context. It goes on to cover [...] READ MORE
BC Ferries Blended Learning

An Example of Blended Learning and Its ROI

May 4, 2017 Marine Learning Systems 0 Blog , , , In 2007, BC Ferries (a ferry operator on the coast of British Columbia) started a series of programs to improve safety. One of which was transitioning to a new approach to familiarization training: blended learning. The overall initiative was a tremendous success with accidents, injuries and days lost dropping by over [...] READ MORE
BC Ferries Blended Learning

BC Ferries and their Move to Blended Learning

Mar 23, 2017 Marine Learning Systems 0 Blog , , , , In 2007, BC Ferries embarked on a major initiative called SailSafe to improve safety. A key program from this was the creation of an objective and standardized approach to familiarization training. Named SEA (Standardized Education and Assessment), the training program consists of an intensive blended learning approach. It replaces their [...] READ MORE
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