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Tips for Writing Better Multiple Choice Questions - MarineLS

Tips for Writing Better Multiple Choice Questions

Jul 27, 2016 Murray Goldberg 25 , , Introduction In the previous articles of this series (here and here)  I began a discussion on the use of multiple choice questions (MCQs) in maritime assessment. Although widely used, MCQ tests are also one of the most highly criticised. However, written carefully and used appropriately as one part of a multidimensional assessment program, MCQs [...] READ MORE
Guidelines for Multiple Choice Questions

Guidelines for Multiple Choice Questions

Jul 13, 2016 Murray Goldberg 0 Introduction In my last article I began a discussion of the use of multiple choice questions (MCQs) in maritime assessment. In this, the second article, I now continue the discussion by looking at two aspects to consider when using MCQs: the importance of using them in combination with other assessment techniques, and the [...] READ MORE
Multiple Choice Test in Maritime Assessment

Multiple Choice Tests in Maritime Assessments

Jun 29, 2016 Murray Goldberg 6 Introduction Multiple choice tests are one of the oldest assessment techniques in existence. Yet they are also one of the most highly maligned. Why, then, are they so common in maritime training? Are they effective? The answers to these questions are not as simple as one might hope. However, every maritime [...] READ MORE
5 Tips for Training Excellence

Five Tips for Excellence in Maritime Training

Jun 15, 2016 Murray Goldberg 6 Introduction There is debate on whether maritime instructors should be required to take training on effective teaching and assessment techniques. Some argue that the industry is over-regulated, while others feel that the quality of training is critical to the maritime industry and instructor training should be better defined and mandatory. Despite the diversity [...] READ MORE

Infographic: Yesterday’s Training for Today’s Challenges?

Jun 3, 2016 Marine Learning Systems 0 Training for the maritime has always been complex, but with on-board technology and equipment improving every year and regulations constantly changing, it's become harder and harder to keep up. Are our current training practices sufficient for today's environment? This infographic presents some common statistics surrounding the maritime industry that may effect how operators [...] READ MORE
Student Centered Learning

Engage Trainees with Student-Centered Learning

Jun 1, 2016 Murray Goldberg 1 , Introduction The term “student-centered learning” is one that many trainers may have not heard before. Yet it is an important training concept, and one that all maritime trainers should understand and consider. Student-centered learning is credited with improving trainee motivation, trainer-trainee relationships, and increasing the trainee’s own responsibility for their training. Many [...] READ MORE
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