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BC Ferries Blended Learning

An Example of Blended Learning and Its ROI

May 4, 2017 Marine Learning Systems 0 , , ,

In 2007, BC Ferries (a ferry operator on the coast of British Columbia) started a series of programs to improve safety. One of which was transitioning to a new approach to familiarization training: blended learning. The overall initiative was a tremendous success with accidents, injuries and days lost dropping by over 50% and more.

This blog post features the third and fourth parts of a video interview series filmed with Jeff Joyce (Director of Terminal Engineering). The series looks at BC Ferries and their blended learning implementation story. You can click here to see the first two videos.

The first video below looks at how BC Ferries currently train their crew members with the Standardized Education and Assessment (SEA) program. Jeff explains in detail how the SEA program was built, their initial vision for it, and the approach they took. He goes on to illustrate an example familiarization program, from a high level, for a deckhand at BC Ferries.

The second video sheds light on a common question that operators have: what is the ROI of blended learning? Jeff goes over what resources were needed, and what BC Ferries got in return in terms of safety and employee engagement.


What is the familiarization process at BC Ferries?

What is the Return on Investment of Blended Learning?

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