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Face to Face Maritime Training

Face-to-Face vs eLearning in Maritime Training

Aug 26, 2015 Murray Goldberg 1 , Photo above taken by Lauren Harnett / CC BY 2.0 The Most Unfortunate Phrase in Maritime Training: “There is No Replacement for Face to Face Training” Have you ever been involved in a discussion about maritime training and heard someone say “there is no replacement for face to face training”? Having had [...] READ MORE
Maritime training school

Are You an Industry Leader in Maritime Training?

Aug 10, 2015 Marine Learning Systems 6 , Photo above taken by Liz Novak / CC BY 4.0 Although there has been no shortage in maritime technology improvements over the years, marine incidents continue to occur with predictable frequency. Human error remains at the core of many accidents, with poorly managed, ineffective maritime training and a lack of safety [...] READ MORE
Notebooks and laptop for self-study

4 Tips on How to Implement a Maritime Self-Study Program

Jul 28, 2015 Murray Goldberg 1 , The following article highlights the actionable insights found in a blog post I wrote previously on Maritime Professional. Self-study is one of many ways to improve your in-house familiarization processes. There has been extensive research conducted that proves that a well implemented self-study program can improve training outcomes, reduce costs and [...] READ MORE
Crew in an in-person maritime training session.

Why is Maritime Training 15 Years Behind?

Jul 20, 2015 Murray Goldberg 3 , I have been involved in eLearning research and development since the mid 1990’s. It was an amazing time. The world was discovering that eLearning could improve educational access, efficiency, and most importantly educational effectiveness (yes – people actually learned better!). This was remarkable because it seemed that education really hadn’t [...] READ MORE
ELearning - Marine Learning Systems

Self-study in Marine Training: Can it be Effective?

Jul 6, 2015 Murray Goldberg 9 , In past articles I have blogged about the value of self-study as a powerful component of a job and familiarization training program. As a reminder, self-study, for our purposes, means using learning materials created by the training organization (your company in this case) to learn some aspect of a job [...] READ MORE
Maritime Mentorship Spotlight

Maritime Mentorship Spotlight on Mentor Russ Garbutt

Jun 29, 2015 Murray Goldberg 0 , Introduction In today’s article you are going to meet an amazing maritime mentor, Capt. Russ Garbutt. I use the word “amazing” for many reasons, not the least of which is his willingness to improve the maritime industry by volunteering to share his 48 years of maritime experience with young or [...] READ MORE
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