Remote Training Servers

Remote Training Servers

Full access to the best maritime training system, whether you're on land or at sea.

Give your crew and administrators 24/7 access to training and reports, with or without an internet connection. The Remote Training Server (RTS) replicates the MarineLMS experience on board a vessel, even with limited to no connectivity.  This allows employees to move seamlessly back and forth between self-learning and hands-on experiences on vessels. With access to content and reference materials available at all times, the crew is always supported and can train at their own convenience.
Increase employee engagement and willingness to learn. Reduce overhead costs associated with in-person training.

How does it work?

The Remote Training Server is a special instance of MarineLMS that runs on a pre-configured, vessel-based computer. It provides full on-board training and assessment, synchronized to the central LMS on land.

When internet connectivity is possible, the RTS opportunistically syncs with the centralized LMS to:
1. Receive updates to training materials, new courses, user accounts, etc.
2. Send training records and analytics back to the central LMS.

MarineLS - Remote Training Server
Training and assessment activities are always available, highly responsive and reliable. The RTS allows your trainees to move seamlessly from shore to vessel, or from vessel to other vessel, and have access to the exact same experience, interface and records regardless of their location.

Safety is paramount. Discover how you can transform your training.

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