Career Navigator

Career Navigator

Support the growth of your employees and company.

Track, nurture and develop employees as they progress through their career at your organization. The Career Navigator is an employee and management facing career progression management system that helps manage competencies, learning plans, employee assessments and employee development.
Ensure that your employees have the required skills, competencies, and support for their professional development. Give management deep insight into employee abilities both at the workforce and individual level.

Career Navigator Overview:

MarineLMS - Career Navigator Employee View

Employee View

The Career Navigator serves as my learning portfolio and communication center with my mentors and supervisors.

  • It lists the competencies I hold and the career progression activities and goals assigned to me
  • I have access to clear feedback on my areas of strength and areas in need of development
  • I have a place for open communication with my supervisors and mentors
  • I can identify jobs which closely match my background and what additional requirements are needed for other roles

More than anything, the Career Navigator engages me as a life-long learner within my organization. I have the tools needed to be successful in my current role and to advance my career.

MarineLMS - Career Navigator Supervisor View

Supervisor View

The Career Navigator gives me a clear view of the competencies, abilities and career goals of my supervisees – including assessments and notes made by past supervisors. I can create career progression plans with milestones to measure against. It lets me support the development goals of my supervisees through documented assessments and feedback and serves as a location for persistent communication with them around the topic of learning and advancement.

Most importantly, the Career Navigator gives me the ability to deeply understand the capabilities and limitations of my supervisees and to support their growth within the company.

MarineLMS - Career Navigator Management View

Management View

As an administrator, the Career Navigator gives both high-level and detailed information about the current and planned abilities of company personnel, on an individual and collective basis. I can identify candidates for positions according to the required competencies. It also alerts me to expiring competencies and provides the tools necessary to ensure that all employees stay current with their knowledge and skill sets.

With the Career Navigator, I can more clearly understand the state of my company workforce and look forward to ensure that future needs are met.




Support your employees and supervisors in the accomplishment of their learning goals.

Easily assign individual competencies or assign an entire group of required competencies to employees.

Associate competencies with rich information such as “complete by” dates, category tagging, assessment rubrics, discussions, and more.

Learning Plan


Give your employees a clear roadmap of their overall learning and development path.

Learning plans are formed automatically and contain details about:

  • competencies held
  • deadlines for competencies to be achieved
  • the learning resources needed to achieve competencies
  • feedback from mentors and supervisors
  • a timeline the depicts one’s progress on the plan


Foster peer-to-peer learning and mentorship.

Employees can indicate their willingness to mentor others.

If a trainee chooses to seek a mentor, the system will automatically present a selection of other employees who are willing to mentor and currently hold the competencies the trainee is working towards.



Clearly document employee competencies for self-improvement.

Employees can be assessed using a combination of numeric scores, assessment rubrics and descriptive text.

Assessment opportunities are available in various levels: from a single competency to broad assessments on the employee themselves.



Give employees information-rich support in their career development

A maritime working environment often gives little time and space for mentors and supervisors to provide guidance to trainees.

Discussion opportunities are available in various places throughout the CPMS. These discussions not only support learners, they also give future supervisors deeper insight into the abilities and learning aptitude of the learner.



Clearly understand the company workforce and plan for future needs.

Administrators and management have access to high-level and detailed reports on the current and planned abilities/competencies of company personnel.

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