MarineLMS is a web-based learning management system (LMS) built 100% for the delivery and 
management of in-house job and familiarization training in the maritime industry. Unlike pre-packed 
courses, MarineLMS delivers your training content (created by you or us) - content which is specific 
to your vessels, your routes, your ports or terminals, your equipment, and your job routines.

MarineLMS is designed to 
•	reduce training costs, 
•	increase training effectiveness,
•	improve training and assessment standardization and objectivity,
•	facilitate training administration,
•	and provide training reports and analytics to create a foundation for continuous improvement
	of the training program.

This walk-through will give you a very high-level tour of the main modules of MarineLMS. Because 
there is much more to MarineLMS than can be demonstrated this way, we encourage you to contact 
us for a demo. We are proud of the abilities of MarineLMS and would enjoy the opportunity to show 
it to you.

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