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Welcome. I am Murray Goldberg - the president and founder of Marine Learning Systems. This short video introduces our product, MarineLMS - the Marine Learning Management System.

What is MarineLMS?

The Marine Learning Management System is a web-based software application for the delivery, management, tracking and reporting of training within your organization. It is the world’s first Learning Management System built specifically for training in the maritime industry. MarineLMS can benefit all of your in-house training, and is especially tailored to improve all aspects of job, vessel, equipment, route, port and terminal familiarization.

MarineLMS is designed to

  • reduce training costs,
  • increase training effectiveness,
  • improve training and assessment standardization and objectivity,
  • enable the measurement of training effectiveness
  • and facilitate continuous improvement.

Due to the value and strength of these benefits, most of the world’s large organizations already employ a learning management system. Now MarineLMS brings all of these benefits to in-house training and assessment in the marine industry.

Let’s Look at how MarineLMS provides some of these benefits:

To do so, we will take a look at the MarineLMS implementation for the British Columbia Ferry Services, one of the largest ferry operators in the world. We are very grateful for their permission to show you around their site. Remember that your MarineLMS implementation will be different - customized to your needs and delivering learning materials specific to your positions, vessels, routes, and so on.

Centralized Source

First, and foremost, MarineLMS Provides a Centralized Source for Immediate and Career-Long Access to the Knowledge employees need to perform in your organization. MarineLMS ensures that each employee has immediate access to your centralized, standardized, and specific best-practice knowledge required for safe operations in their position, on any route, vessel, terminal, port or equipment they are engaged with. This learning knowledge is dynamically assembled according to the chosen position, vessel and so on, and delivered in a highly efficient manner. Likewise, any combination or subset of learning content can be custom-printed for learning where no Internet connection is available. MarineLMS ensures that all required knowledge is available and up to date to reflect best practices not only for study purposes, but also for reference throughout the career of the mariner. Having your company-vetted best practices available in a centralized, accessible resource will ensure that they are disseminated throughout your organization and instituted in your culture. This greatly reduces the incidence of suboptimal practices being passed from employee to employee.

Comprehensive testing and Knowledge assessment

Next, MarineLMS enables Objective and Comprehensive testing and Knowledge assessment. MarineLMS will assess the candidate’s specific knowledge of their position, vessel, route, terminal, port, or any other parameter using computer-generated examinations derived using questions from your subject matter experts. Tests are automatically created based on the competency being examined, computer-graded, audit-logged and randomized to ensure a secure and reliable testing environment. Assessments can be taken on-line or printed, along with answer keys, for delivery where no Internet connection is available. Written exams are a critical tool to ensure objectivity and fairness, a deep understanding of knowledge, and completeness of assessment.

Measurement and Monitoring

MarineLMS also Enables Measurement and Monitoring of learning and assessment activities - a feature critical to Facilitating Continuous Improvement. We have all heard the axiom “If you can’t measure it, then you can’t manage it”. MarineLMS ensures that you CAN measure it. MarineLMS provides automated reports on success metrics, statistics and analysis to highlight gaps of knowledge – both for the individual and for your personnel as a whole - allowing those gaps to be closed BEFORE an accident happens, not after. For example, learning page reference metrics are maintained and reports show how frequently each learning page is referenced and how long learners spend on that page. This report helps identify outliers which may represent poorly constructed learning pages, or material which needs simplified explanations or additional graphical depictions. As another example, exams are audit-logged and metrics and reports indicate trainee performance both collectively and individually. Individual question metrics show the distribution of answer choices to help highlight common misunderstandings which can be addressed by updating the learning materials. In all, MarineLMS views continuous improvement as a core value and supports the metrics required to facilitate it.


Next, MarineLMS has features to help ensure the correctness and currency of all learning materials and exam questions. One of the most difficult parts of maintaining large knowledge systems is ensuring that errors and omissions are fixed, and that needed updates occur immediately. If they don’t, then your confidence in, and the usefulness of the training program will diminish. MarineLMS employs Web2.0 feedback technologies throughout the system to ensure that issues can be identified and reported the moment they are noticed by the first trainee or trainer to come across them. Issue reports automatically contain the contact information of the reporter, and the exact location of the problem, and are delivered immediately to site administrators for action. Only by distributing the responsibility of site maintenance across all users of the system can we enable continuous improvement and oversight, ensuring the security and integrity of the system while greatly minimizing the cost of maintenance. This reflects an important philosophy that is pervasive in what we do - engaging all "Community" members and having them take a stake in, and play a role in improving learning in your organization.

Trainer support

Trainer support and buy-in are two critical aspects of any successful in-house training program. MarineLMS is a leader in this area. The MarineLMS community module breaks down silos by supporting a “community of trainers” so your trainers can support one another, communicate and collaborate to learn from one another, share documents and best practices, and advance the interests of safety within your organization. This community also greatly enhances your ability to target communication and notification by grouping trainers according to vessel, route, port, region, interest, or any other attribute. This system is unparalleled in ensuring that new trainers are integrated quickly, that everyone remains informed of only relevant information without being bombarded by frequent e-mails, and that best practices spread company-wide. No trainer ever needs to feel that they are "alone" in their work, without a community in which they can ask questions, learn and teach.

For Maritime

Finally, MarineLMS is built specifically for the maritime training environment. The implications run deep and are seen throughout MarineLMS. For example, MarineLMS ensures that all critical aspects of training and assessment are available both on-line and on paper, because despite the advantages of on-line delivery, Internet connections are not available all the time. As another example, MarineLMS is aware of maritime concepts such as Vessels, Routes, Ports, Positions and Roles, just to name a few. When learning materials or assessments are viewed by a learner, they are dynamically assembled from any mix of generic company-wide or fleet-wide materials, and materials which are specific to a vessel, class of equipment, route, position, and so on. This creates an enormous benefit in that it eliminates the need to create and maintain a large set of partially overlapping, partially redundant learning resources which become out of date very quickly and are difficult and expensive to update and track. With MarineLMS, when a change is required it is made in exactly one place no matter how many learning documents the change affects, and the update is immediately available to all learners.

MarineLMS improves almost every aspect of in-house marine training including cost, learning outcomes, centralization, standardization, objectivity, auditability, assessment rigor, maintenance, success metrics, oversight, trainer-engagement and buy-in. The people at MarineLMS are researchers and pioneers in the field of learning management systems, and are passionate about training in the marine industry. We have been building learning management systems since 1995, and our systems have been used by over 14 million learners in 80 countries. We know training, and how learning management systems can radically improve training quality, standardization, performance and safety, all while reducing costs. Whether or not you are a customer of ours, we are here for you as your in-house training expert resource. Please contact us and we will be pleased to help out in any way we can.