Tag: eLearning

Tag: eLearning

An Example of Blended Learning and Its ROI

May 4, 2017 Marine Learning Systems 0 Blog , , , In 2007, BC Ferries (a ferry operator on the coast of British Columbia) started a series of programs to improve safety. One of which was transitioning to a new approach to familiarization training: blended learning. The overall initiative was a tremendous success with accidents, injuries and days lost dropping by over [...] READ MORE

BC Ferries and their Move to Blended Learning

Mar 23, 2017 Marine Learning Systems 0 Blog , , , , In 2007, BC Ferries embarked on a major initiative called SailSafe to improve safety. A key program from this was the creation of an objective and standardized approach to familiarization training. Named SEA (Standardized Education and Assessment), the training program consists of an intensive blended learning approach. It replaces their [...] READ MORE

How to Choose Media for More Effective eLearning

Mar 8, 2017 Murray Goldberg 0 Blog , , Since maritime training moved online, people have been arguing about the best choice of media. Is simulation better? Text? Video? What about online gaming? All of these can be very effective tools in maritime training. Each has its strengths and limitations, and the best choice is not always the most [...] READ MORE

Effective Ways of Combining Media for Training

Feb 15, 2017 Murray Goldberg 0 Blog , , Introduction One attribute that makes an eLearning implementation effective and efficient is the appropriate use of media. And by media, I am referring to the choice (and combination) of text, imagery, video, simulations and even gaming as ways of delivering learning content. But what media should we use and how [...] READ MORE

What is the Most Effective Media for Maritime Training?

Feb 2, 2017 Murray Goldberg 4 Blog , Introduction Training is moving online - or more correctly, to a blended model. This is more than a trend. It is a move to more effective, accessible, and efficient education. As someone involved in maritime training, it is important to think about and understand what makes the difference between "good" and [...] READ MORE

Where Does eLearning Content Come From

Jan 18, 2017 Murray Goldberg 0 Blog , , , Introduction As many of you are aware, I write frequently about learning management systems (LMS) and its applications. However, an LMS is only one part of training. The other critical component is the learning content itself. This post continues a series of blog posts which answer the question "how do we [...] READ MORE
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