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We Know eLearning and are Here to Help

Are you a vessel operator or other maritime training provider considering the use of eLearning to improve the training you provide? If so, you've come to the right place, because that is all we do. We can help you deliver the most advanced and effective training possible.

The people at Marine Learning Systems are eLearning experts. We helped pioneer the eLearning movement in 1995 and since then have brought web-based learning to over 14 million learners at thousands of institutions around the world. We have done this before and are here to be your expert eLearning resource in the maritime industry.

Consulting Services

Our maritime eLearning consulting services cover all aspects of eLearning. Before anything else, we are here to help assess your needs and answer all of your questions. We will help define the optimal blend of web-based and traditional learning methods for your organization. We will help you make sense out of the options, avoid common pitfalls and, if eLearning is right for your organization, ensure that your implementation is smooth, efficient, and effective. We will be there from the first conversation, through planning, roll-out, growth, maintenance and continuous improvement.

Implementation Services

Our maritime eLearning implementation services cover everything needed to successfully launch, maintain and continuously improve your eLearning program. Our team is here help you:

Create and Source Training Content We help organize your existing learning materials and generate any newly required materials. We can also help source appropriate pre-packaged content from any training course vendor.

Your implementation may consist of learning materials specific to your vessels, routes and equipment. Instead, or in addition, it may consist of one or more pre-packaged courses from training course suppliers. In the former case, we work together with your internal subject matter experts to collect, organize and format your existing training materials and assessments, and to generate any required new training materials or assessments. In the latter case, we can source pre-packed eLearning content from any vendor of your choosing.

Implement and Host Your Learning Management System We implement your Marine Learning Management System, configured and customized to your needs.

Beginning with our core modules, we will implement MarineLMS for your organization. This means:

  1. importing all of your training materials and assessments into your MarineLMS implementation,
  2. configuring and customizing your implementation according to your needs, branding and training context,
  3. deploying your implementation in our high-security, highly available, cloud-based hosting facility, backed up daily to 3 independent off-site locations (or on your servers if you prefer).

MarineLMS is now ready to support objective, standardized, auditable and cost-effective training and assessment in your organization.

Engage Your Trainers and Trainees We support your greatest asset - your employees - to build a strong community, enable discussion, and facilitate buy-in.

The MarineLMS "Connector" module is a customizable web-based community which allows your trainers, trainees and other personnel to learn from one another, exchange best practices, and support one another through familiarization, clearance, and other training activities. Your community is private to your organization unless you choose otherwise. You control who may be a member and what information is public. You can manage the community within your organization or use us to:

  1. Create groups for each vessel, route, port, region, job position, and area of interest.
  2. Configure your community library into topics of interest, official document areas, and community-contributed areas.
  3. Post announcements of changes, updates and new features.

The MarineLMS community module provides discussion areas, a highly configurable library, areas for groups of interest, and the ability to create polls and ask questions of other community members. The community also provides automatic notifications of new ideas, discussions, content, questions or polls to members who have declared their interest in the topic under discussion.

Support You in the Long Run We complete the picture and are here when you need us.

We don't disappear once MarineLMS is up and running. We maintain, host, backup and enhance your systems, and can build new learning or learning-related systems to continue to improve learning and efficiency throughout your operations. We can efficiently and inexpensively make any changes to your training resources as they are required, or train members of your staff to take on this role internally. We stand behind your system by continuing to ensure all aspects of its health and availability.

As much as we would like to do any or all of this for you, you are not tied to us for changes, maintenance or support. We can supply you with the source code of your system for your own use so that you are free to maintain or expand it internally. And although we suggest that you allow us to host your system for you (click here to understand why), you may instead host it internally or with any service provider of your choosing. We are here to help, or step aside as per your wishes.

These are our core business operations and we work very hard to ensure we do them well. Our number one goal, however, is to do the work you need us to do, the way you need us to do it. So if you have a need for learning-related software and services in a maritime environment, look to us. We can help.

We are here to help you

Marine Learning Systems personnel are experts in training methods and learning management systems. Whether or not you are clients of ours, we are here to help.

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