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Let Us Host MarineLMS for You - No charge.

100% uptime? Yes - it is possible!

Marine Learning Systems is pleased to host your MarineLMS training system at no additional cost. Although you are free to host MarineLMS on your own servers or anywhere else you may choose, there are many advantages to allowing us to host your solution for you:

We save you the cost of purchasing, running, managing and maintaining your MarineLMS server.

We save you the cost of additional computer equipment, network equipment and bandwidth. Your IT department personnel can spend their time on other projects instead of taking backups, monitoring the health of your MarineLMS server, applying system updates, setting up servers and so on. If we host for you, we perform those functions and pay those costs leaving you with no servers to purchase, set up, manage, replace, maintain, etc.

We are, of course, experts in running and maintaining MarineLMS servers - employing multiple redundant systems for unparalleled reliability and performance.

We will make sure that your MarineLMS implementation is fast and always available. Our cloud-based servers are hosted in security-controlled data-centers with multiple redundant power sources and network backbone connections. Disk drives and other critical computer hardware also have redundant backups to ensure that no one failure will impact your service. We make daily backups and store each backup in three off-site locations (and we can send you these backups regularly if you like). We also run site monitors to trigger alerts immediately should there ever be an issue with your site.

We will have our "finger on the pulse" of your MarineLMS implementation ensuring rapid response should an issue arise.

With your MarineLMS server in our cloud-based data-center we will have immediate access to your MarineLMS implementation should an issue ever arise which requires our attention. There will be no delay coordinating with your IT staff, determining whether the issue is internal to MarineLMS or part of your server/database configuration, or gaining access to the server. All this can save a tremendous amount of time and effort. We may even have repaired the issue before you became aware of it. We also have a remote "hot" server always ready and available with current backups so that in the very unlikely event of a catastrophic data-center issue, we can have your system up and running again in a minimum of time.

Allowing us to host MarineLMS for you will help ensure that your systems are always up, are always backed up, and always exhibit excellent performance. It makes it easier for us to ensure the health of your site, and easier for you because there is no time or cost involved in additional hardware or system administration. While it is impossible to predict the future, to date there has never been an unplanned outage of MarineLMS hosted on our servers. We have experienced 100% uptime to date and will work hard to maintain that record.

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Marine Learning Systems personnel are experts in training methods and learning management systems. Whether or not you are clients of ours, we are here to help.

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