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Custom Software Development for Marine Organizations

We realize that the specific needs of each of our customers will vary. We are here to configure MarineLMS to your needs, and to build any additional modules, features, or even separate systems that you require.

Our staff have a great deal of experience building enterprise-class software for large organizations such as yours. We do so on time, and on budget.

Examples of modules or features we have implemented include:

  • Integration of MarineLMS with other existing systems: Integrations include single sign-on and database integration to share account information with other systems, as well as reporting extensions to allow data from within MarineLMS to be presented and automatically updated on external (company) websites.
  • Career competency requirements navigator: This project included a web-based system for employees to be able to easily see the requirements needed for every job within their organization. Extensions include a personal tracker to allow an employee to determine the "distance" between their current competencies and those of a job they aspire to.

If you need it and it is software, we can build it for you. So please do not hesitate to ask.

We are here to help you

Marine Learning Systems personnel are experts in training methods and learning management systems. Whether or not you are clients of ours, we are here to help.

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