Vessel operators: It’s all about safety.
Are you providing your officers and crew with the most effective familiarization and job training possible?

  • MarineLMS is proving to be a game-changer in terms of our learning culture - students are excited about the training, trainers are feeling well-supported, and supervisors have much greater confidence in the! Jeff Joyce, British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. Director, Fleet Operations
  • Standardization is the greatest advantage of the program as now all candidates receive the same high quality training and a fair assessment. S. Manson, Trainer, BC Ferry Systems
  • MarineLMS ensures that each of us is consistently provided with the essential information concerning our ship, our route and our job. George Weber, Hostler/Relief Bo'sun and Trainer, North Coast Operations
  • With MarineLMS, I feel confident the material I am training with is up to date, has been vetted by the supervisors, and will be valuable to the employee in their everyday work environment. Aaron Sigurgeirson, Trainer, Deckhand \ 2nd 3rd officer
  • The site trainers now have a level of support not previously available to them and as a result are willing participants and actively engaged. Daryl Walker, Terminal Manager SGI\Swartz Bay

Product: For Maritime Training

MarineLMS is the Learning Management System (LMS) designed for in-house vessel- route- and equipment-specific training. MarineLMS works alone or with your hands-on familiarization and job training to create a blended training approach. It provides sophisticated learning analytics and makes your training more standardized, effective, objective and efficient. More ...

Services: Every Step of The Way

We are eLearning experts with a deep foundation in research and large practical implementations. We are here to help assess your needs and answer all of your questions. We will help you make sense out of the options, avoid common pitfalls and, if eLearning is right for your organization, ensure your implementation is smooth, efficient, and effective. More ...

Benefits: An Advanced Approach

Most of the world's large organizations use a Learning Management System to support and supplement their training. They do so to reduce training costs, improve training outcomes, and bring standardization, objectivity, oversight and analysis to in-house training and assessments. The benefits for the maritime industry are significant. More ...