Why not use a general purpose Learning Management System?

  • MarineLMS serves only the maritime industry. We will continually refine and add maritime-specific features to MarineLMS. We have no customers in other industries competing for our development resources.
  • While general purpose learning management systems provide some of the benefits listed above, these general systems are not suited to the needs of maritime training. Instead, they are optimized for college courses or general corporate learning. As brief examples, general purpose learning management systems:
    • Do not accommodate for the fact that Internet connections are sometimes but not always available in the marine learning environment.
    • Do not have built-in knowledge of maritime concepts such as route, vessel or port, and are therefore unable to provide functionality based on those concepts.
    • Do not support the dynamic assembly and delivery of learning content based on chosen parameters such as route, vessel, port, etc.
    • Do not support maritime-specific features such as route orientation, etc.
  • In addition, general purpose LMSs often assume training contexts which do not match a marine learning environment - such as the existence of classes, office hours, gradebooks, etc. As a result, despite the clear benefits of LMSs and their wide prevalence in other learning contexts, they have not, until now, been generally adopted for in-house maritime training. MarineLMS finally brings the advantages of Learning Management Systems to the marine industry.

"Learning Management System"

adapted from Wikipedia

A learning management system (commonly abbreviated as "LMS") is a software application for the delivery, management, tracking, and reporting of training and assessments. A robust LMS should be able to do the following:

  • Assemble and deliver standardized training content rapidly
  • Consolidate training initiatives on a scalable web-based platform
  • Personalize content and enable knowledge reuse
  • Centralize and automate training administration
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