Benefits of MarineLMS

Most of the world's large organizations and universities already employ a Learning Management System (LMS). They do so to reduce training costs, improve learning outcomes, and bring standardization, objectivity, oversight and analysis to all in-house and on-board training and assessment. MarineLMS addresses the unique needs of the maritime training context for vessel owners and other maritime training providers with a 100% purpose-built LMS for maritime familiarization and job training. It ushers in a new era of objective, comprehensive, targeted and auditable training and assessment to support any training activity within your marine organization.

MarineLMS can be deployed in a variety of ways, but research and experience has shown that the best training outcomes are achieved when eLearning is used in combination with face-to-face, hands-on training. This is referred to as blended learning. Both eLearning and in-person training are effective individually, but the best outcomes, by far, are achieved through the combination of the two.

Whether you use eLearning exclusively, or use MarineLMS to increase the effectiveness of your existing training, MarineLMS will:

Provide a Centralized Source for Immediate and Career-Long Access to Standardized Knowledge

MarineLMS ensures that each employee has immediate access to your centralized, standardized, and specific best-practice knowledge required for safe operations in their position, on any route, vessel, terminal, port or equipment they are engaged with. This learning knowledge is dynamically generated according to the chosen parameters (position, port, vessel, route, etc.) of the learner, and delivered in a highly efficient manner. Likewise, any combination or subset of learning content can be custom-printed for learning where no Internet connection is available. MarineLMS ensures that all required knowledge is available and up to date to reflect best-practices not only for study purposes, but also for reference throughout the career of the mariner.

Enable Online and Offline Access to Learning and Assessment

Our upcoming feature enabling vessel-based servers will allow training and assessment to take place anywhere, anytime, even in the absence of an internet connection. Administration will be centralized eliminating the need for LMS expertise on-board. In addition, exam outcomes, training activity tracking information and learning analytics gathered on vessel-based servers will all be available to training administrators on the central server using a flexible synchronization mechanism

Objectively and Comprehensively Assess Knowledge

The MarineLMS testing engine will enable you to objectively and comprehensively assess a candidate's specific knowledge of their position, vessel, route, terminal, port, or any other parameter. Examinations are automatically assembled and delivered based on the competencies being tested, and are computer-graded, audit-logged and randomized to ensure a secure and reliable testing environment. Assessments can be taken on-line or printed, along with answer keys, for delivery where no Internet connection is available. Written exams delivered in this way alongside demonstrative testing can be used as a critical tool to ensure objectivity and fairness, a deep understanding of knowledge, and completeness of assessment.

Enable Standardization on Best Practices

MarineLMS will help ensure that your company-vetted best practices are available in a single authoritative source, disseminated throughout your company, and instituted in your culture. This greatly reduces the incidence of suboptimal practices being passed from employee to employee through the useful, but imperfect, practice of traditional job shadowing. It also allows all updates to learning materials and assessments to be made quickly and in one place, therefore becoming part of all future familiarization, clearance or other training and assessments immediately.

Enable Measurement and Monitoring to Facilitate Continuous Improvement

If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it. MarineLMS ensures that you CAN measure it. MarineLMS provides automated reports and analytics to highlight knowledge gaps – both for the individual and for your personnel as a whole - allowing those gaps to be closed BEFORE an accident happens, not after.

For example, learning page reference metrics identify pages which may be poorly constructed, require simplification, or require additional graphical depictions. Exam metrics and analytics indicate trainee performance both collectively and individually. Individual question metrics show the distribution of answer choices to help highlight common misunderstandings, allowing them to be addressed immediately. In all, MarineLMS views continuous improvement as a core value and supports the metrics required to facilitate it.

Ensure all Learning Materials are Correct and Up to Date

One of the most difficult parts of maintaining large knowledge systems is ensuring that errors, omissions and required updates are addressed immediately. If they are not, then confidence in, and utility of the system for learning will diminish. MarineLMS employs Web2.0 feedback technologies throughout the system to ensure that issues can be identified and reported the moment they are noticed by the first administrator, trainee or trainer to come across them. Only by engaging all users in this way can we enable continuous improvement and oversight, ensuring the security and integrity of the system while greatly minimizing the cost of maintenance. This reflects an important philosophy that is pervasive in what we do - engaging all "Community" members (trainers, trainees and administrators) and having them take a stake in, and play a role in improving learning in their organization.

Support Your Trainers, Improving Buy-In and Performance

The MarineLMS community module breaks down silos by supporting a "community of trainers" so your trainers can communicate and collaborate to learn from one another, share documents and best practices, and advance the interests of safety within your organization. This community also greatly enhances your ability to target communication and notification by grouping trainers according to vessel, route, port, region, interest, or any other attribute. This system is unparalleled in ensuring that new employees are integrated quickly, that everyone remains informed of only relevant information without being bombarded by frequent e-mails, and ensuring that best practices spread company-wide. No trainer ever needs to feel that they are "alone" in their work, without a community in which they can ask questions, learn and teach.

Greatly Reduce the Cost of Generating and Maintaining Learning Materials

MarineLMS is aware of concepts such as Vessels, Routes, Ports, Positions, Roles, etc. When lessons or assessments are viewed by a learner, they are dynamically assembled from a mix of generic materials (such as company-wide or fleet-wide information) and specific materials (such as vessel-specific, vessel-class-specific, route-specific, position-specific, etc) materials. As a result, no matter how many places a piece of information is used in, it is only documented only once and resides in one location. This creates an enormous benefit in that it eliminates the need to create and maintain a large set of partially overlapping, partially redundant learning resources which become out of date very quickly and are difficult and expensive to update and track. With MarineLMS, when a change is required it is made in exactly one place no matter how many learning documents the change affects, and the update is immediately available to all learners.

MarineLMS improves almost every aspect of in-house marine training including cost control, learning outcomes, centralization, standardization, objectivity, auditability, assessment rigor, ease of maintenance, educational control and oversight, access to analytics, support for continuous improvement, trainer-engagement and buy-in. Please contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with more information.

"Learning Management System"

adapted from Wikipedia

A learning management system (commonly abbreviated as "LMS") is a software application for the delivery, management, tracking, and reporting of training and assessments. A robust LMS should be able to do the following:

  • Assemble and deliver standardized training content rapidly
  • Consolidate training initiatives on a scalable web-based platform
  • Personalize content and enable knowledge reuse
  • Centralize and automate training administration
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