MarineLMS is the only learning management system created exclusively for maritime training

About Us

Marine Learning Systems is an eLearning software and services provider to the maritime industry. Its main product, MarineLMS, was crafted specifically for the maritime training environment to deliver, support and provide metrics on the training initiatives of vessel operators and other maritime training providers. MarineLMS is an enterprise product which operates with or without internet connectivity and inherently understands maritime concepts such as vessels and routes. Marine Learning Systems also provides a full complement of services to support you from idea, all the way through to ongoing operations and maintenance.

Why Choose Us?

After a long and pioneering history in the field of Learning Management Systems, we shifted our focus to the marine industry by using our existing experience and tools to create an LMS for one of the largest ferry systems in the world. MarineLMS system has been carefully constructed to meet the demands of the maritime learning environment in every respect.

So why choose us?

We Know Learning Management Systems We have experience with over 14 million learners

Our founder, Murray Goldberg, was a tenured faculty member in the department of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia researching the effects of technology in learning. ┬áIn 1995 he went on to develop the world’s first commercially successful Learning Management System. He left the university to launch and lead the company which grew to 350 employees serving 14 million learners at 4,000 organizations in 80 countries. Murray is widely acknowledged as one of a small number of key pioneers in the field of Learning Management Systems, and has given over 250 invited presentations and keynote addresses on the subject of Learning Management Systems around the world. Among other awards and distinctions, Murray was awarded the prestigious Killam teaching prize during his first year as a faculty member at UBC, and has been awarded the $100,000 national Manning Award for Innovation, the national Canarie IWay award for his contributions to information technology, the national New Media Hyperion award for his contributions to learning technologies, and an honorary doctorate from the Southern Cross University for his pioneering work in shaping educational technologies. Most recently Murray was named by Backbone Magazine as one of the top 15 Canadians in digital media.

We Know How to Build Reliable Enterprise Class Software We have experience with over 4,000 large enterprise customers

As a faculty member in Computer Science, our founder taught the principles used to develop large, reliable software systems. As the former president of an LMS software development company with over 4,000 large organizations as customers, he was able to put the theory into practice, and tune it through experience. This background and experience has taught us what it takes to build highly reliable and stable mission-critical software. And although it is impossible to predict the future, to date there has never been an unplanned outage of MarineLMS on our severs. All of us at Marine Learning Systems work very hard to maintain this record.

We Are Passionate About The Oceans and yes - large lakes and even rivers too!

Many of our employees are avid boaters, sailors, fisherman, power squadron members, and general lovers of the water. So much so that we have our offices just steps from the Pacific Ocean right here on Granville Island, one of the most beautiful places in the world. We spend a lot of time on boats, large and small, and feel honored to make the marine environment such a large part of our lives.

This all adds up to the fact that we are passionate about software, learning, and the water. There is nowhere else we would rather be than here at Marine Learning Systems, building software that, we believe, makes a difference in the world.

Learning Management Systems Experts

At Marine Learning Systems we know LMSs, we know training, and we know how to implement enterprise-class software systems. Let us be your partners in improving training at your marine organization.

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