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About Marine Learning Systems

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Marine Learning Systems

Marine Learning Systems is a leading eLearning management software and service provider.

We help organizations effectively deliver critical training to their employees, increase vessel safety and improve crew performance. Our main offering, MarineLMS, is a content and learning management system that was built specifically for the maritime environment.


Our vision is a world where all workers and the companies they work for continually improve their safety, productivity and engagement through state-of-the-art targeted, effective and measurable training.


Our beginnings

As the founder of WebCT, the world’s first commercially successful learning management system (LMS), Murray Goldberg has been a key figure in the field of eLearning and LMS software. In 2007, Murray was approached by BC Ferries to help source an LMS to improve and modernize the ferry company’s training processes.

What he found was surprising: even with the myriad of LMS providers available, the solutions on the market catered only to higher education institutions and corporate businesses. None were appropriate for a company based out on the water.

Murray went on to develop an LMS from ground up that addressed BC Ferries’ specific maritime training needs. The resulting system, MarineLMS, was implemented with great success. In 2013, after several years of operation, Marine Learning Systems was founded in order to deploy MarineLMS to the wider maritime community.

Since then, the company has grown to be the LMS provider for some of the most prominent vessel operators and training centres in the industry.

Safety is paramount. Discover how you can transform your training.

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